Sunday, March 23, 2014

Guzzi Guzzo Guzzie

Well, I think I have come to the end of my search.  I am not sure I can go back any farther than 1746 unless I make a trip to Caraffa di Catanzaro, Italy Miglieria, which isn't very likely.  I'm still learning and searching on how to learn and research farther back but haven't found anything to help yet.

It irks me to watch Who Do You Think You Are on TV with those people getting all that free help when I feel I'm so desperately in need of expert help.  That's not possible either as they do charge a lot to search records for you.

I'm pretty satisfied to know that we started in Miglieria and migrated to Caraffa.  I'm not satisfied to think that my grandfather, Giuseppe "Joe" didn't have more siblings.  I found that he had a brother and the sister we know of as Aunty "Zabetta".  Why didn't I ask more questions when they were alive?!  

If anyone is interested in having a copy of the tree plus all the other information I have found, let me know.  It'll take quite a bit of work to scan everything and put it in some kind of order to send it to you digitally but it can be done.  I should start getting it in an organized file so that it would be easier to send it off to you.  

Also, if anyone wants to make a donation to get help with the research, that's a real possibility, too, that would be super great.  It costs anywhere from $500-800.  Email me.

Love you all,